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Customer Service Department Salary and Benchmarking Survey Results: 2011
Provides key industry data on customer service salaries and incentives, and on key performance indicators such as wait time, length of call, first-call resolution, call abandonment, and occupation rates.
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Guide to Customer Surveys
Contains 34 real-world questionnaires, plus the guidance you need to create your own customer surveys.
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How to Hire the Best Service Professionals
Provides everything you need to hire, train and retain the best service professionals. Includes real-world examples of ads, interview questions, job descriptions, and much more.
Temporarily Sold Out.
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Listening to the Voice of the Customer
Increase satisfaction, build loyalty and retention with the first how-to manual on the design, implementation and analysis of a customer satisfaction measurement program.
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Management Essentials
Whether you are a new or experienced manager, this guide will sharpen your organizational, coaching, training, motivating, and monitoring skills.
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Motivating Customer Service Employees
The hands-on guide to improving morale, motivation, and productivity in the customer service department.
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The Monkey, the Moon & Maybe
This sequel to The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey provides inspiration and guidance in dealing with the constant change in the customer service center.
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The Napkin, the Melon & the Monkey
With easy-to-understand parables and down-to-earth language, this charming story of achievement will appeal to everyone who has ever looked for the answers to their work worries.
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