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Success Packs

Handbook of Essential Phone Skills

Use these practical skill-building tools for self-study or in a classroom setting. Materials include study guides, glancers, leaders notes, and more.

Choose the topics you need today then click the links for more information and samples.

10-Step Anti-Stress Campaign
By following these 10 simple steps your reps will learn how to manage stress. The result will be higher job satisfaction, healthier employees and happier customers. Order two or more by January 22nd to save 20% — $47.96 each pack..
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Contributing to a Positive Workplace
Learn the secrets to office harmony from a team of customer service and relationship experts.
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Customer Service Answer Guide
In an engaging Q&A format, the Customer Service Answer Guide provides brief, meaty answers to frontline reps' most frequently asked questions. Your reps will learn how to bounce back after a nasty call, how to stop stress in its tracks, how to overcome anxiety about selling, and more.
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Effective Email Communication
The frontline rep's guide to writing professional, customer-friendly email.
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Guide to Cross-Selling and Upselling
Selling is becoming an increasingly important part of the frontline rep's job. But few reps have formal sales training. Now you can help your reps develop the skills and motivation they need for cross-selling and upselling.
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Guide to Effective Listening
On the phone or in person, listening is the single most important service skill. This training guide provides simple and powerful ways to develop good listening skills and to give every customer the most appropriate and professional service.
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Guide to Handling Difficult Customers
Transform dissatisfied customers into satisfied, loyal, long-term customers with this training guide and Glancer package.
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Handbook of Advanced Phone Skills
Take phone skills to the next level with techniques for building rapport, taking ownership, controlling calls, and more.
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Handbook of Essential Phone Skills
Tips and techniques for handling every phone call in a courteous, professional, business-building manner. Training guide and Glancer package.
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Making a Difference Through Customer Service
Help your reps understand and appreciate the role they play in your customer's and your company's success.
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Sounding Great on the Phone
Give your team the tools they need to identify and overcome common speech problems, and to protect and care for their voices.
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Time Management for Stress Reduction and Productivity
Now, you can help your reps improve their time management skills and accomplish more each and every day with Time Management for Stress Reduction and Productivity.
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Yoga at Your Desk
Give your reps the tools they need to reduce stress with timeless yoga techniques updated for the modern office.
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