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Gather your team for a skill-building and motivating training session featuring these information-packed DVDs and study guides. Make it a celebration with popcorn in our movie-time bags.

Choose the topics you need today then click the links for more information and online previews.

Conflicts in the Workplace: Sources & Solutions
This high quality DVD will help your staff put aside differences, control emotions, and move forward.
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Customer Service: The Telephone Connection
This fast-paced and engaging DVD covers the core skills needed to work with customers over the phone.
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Dealing with the Irate Customer
The guidelines presented in this important DVD will help your frontline reps calm angry customers and maintain control of customer interactions.
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Listening Under Pressure
Covers the techniques needed to soothe angry customers, gather needed information, and maintain focus in spite of interruptions.
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Movie-Time Popcorn Bags
Make your video-training sessions a celebration. Serve popcorn in our movie-time bags.
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Professional Email Etiquette
Help your staff avoid embarrassing errors and make a positive impression with every email they send.
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Wednesday’s Touch
Remind your staff of the importance of their work and the value of building relationships with customers, clients, and patients.
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