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Customer’s Bill of Rights

Customer’s Bill of Rights

Complete Set.
One poster , 10 peel-and-stick glancers. $39.95


Glancers only.
10 peel-and-stick glancers. $29.95


Posters only.
One 22" x 34" poster. $29.95


Despite the differences in the way individual businesses are organized and run, there are basic rights that all customers have. These include the right to courteous treatment, accurate information, and appreciation.

Does your staff know what your customers’ most basic rights are?

Now, you can ensure that these rights are guiding and informing the work of your customer-facing staff with The Customer’s Bill of Rights Poster and Glancer Set. These attractive materials cover the right to:

  • Courteous treatment
  • The rep’s full time and attention
  • Fast and accurate information
  • Having their expectations met
  • Complaining when expectations are not met
  • Knowledge, resourcefulness and concern
  • Follow through
  • Benefits of teamwork
  • Care, accuracy, and attention to detail
  • Appreciation

Colorful Posters

The full text of The Customer’s Bill of Rights is colorfully reproduced in a 22" x 34" poster suitable for display throughout the service center. These contemporary posters graphically highlight each right, drawing the viewer in to read more and learn more. Your posters will be shipped in protective tubes to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition. Customer’s Bill of Rights

Compact Glancers

Just peel and stick the colorful glancers to computer monitors or dividers and reps will have a handy reminder of your organization’s commitment to customers. Reps will “glance” at The Customer’s Bill of Rights throughout the day and always keep the customer’s needs in mind.

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

The posters and glancers are guaranteed. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return your materials within 30 days for a full refund.

About the Publisher

The Customer Service Group provides ready-to-use tools for customer service training and frontline motivation including a monthly newsletter, training guides, DVDs, and Customer Service Week celebration materials.


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