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Handbook of Essential Phone Skills

Handbook of Essential Phone Skills

To help you get the most from your training materials, you’ll receive a copy of the Leader’s Guide. It will show you how to introduce the materials to your staff in a positive and motivating way. How to reinforce important points in the booklet. Plus techniques to keep the message fresh long after the booklets have been distributed.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a professional trainer to use the program because the Leader’s Guide includes discussion topics, activities, trainer’s tips, and more.

Read the sample below to see how much useful information is packed into a brief section of this guide.

Activity 2: Body language

The second section of the booklet focuses on the benefit of body language when talking on the phone. Readers are encouraged to enhance their phone presence by:

  • Smiling
  • Practicing good posture
  • Vocalizing visual cues
  • Gesturing.

But does it really work? This exercise will convince your staff that yes, it does.

Divide your team into groups of two. Give one person in each group a brief script. The script should reflect the type of message your staff typically leaves on customers’ voicemail. For example,

“Good morning. This is Jane Johnson in the ACME customer service department. My number is 555-123-4567.

“I am calling about the new pricing schedule for our widgets. You’ll now save 20 percent when you purchase in quantities of 25. To take advantage of this special offer, please call me tomorrow after 10 am.

“Again, my name is Jane Johnson and my number is 555-123-4567.


Ask each team to stand back to back. Have the person holding the script read it aloud. Now ask the teams to turn and face each other. This time the reader should speak directly to her partner, she should smile, and gesture freely.

Invite all of the participants to discuss the changes that they saw and heard when body language was added to the message.


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