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Guide to Handling Difficult Customers

Three part set: Booklet, Glancer, Leader’s Guide

Guide to Handling Difficult Customers

Each pack includes
10 booklets, 10 glancers
and 1 leader’s guide.

Table of Contents


Booklet Sample

Leader’s Guide Sample

Healthcare Edition


It’s happened to every customer service rep. They answer the phone or say hello and the customer seems angry or upset right from the start. It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking things personally and becoming defensive, angry, or intractable in response.

Now, you can help your reps turn those customers around with this three part training tool.

Part 1: Training Guides

The Guide to Handling Difficult Customers takes readers through seven steps to transform a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied, loyal, long-term customer who knows your company can be counted on.

It includes information your reps can use to understand why customers become angry or upset; techniques to calm customers and remain calm themselves; detailed complaint handling techniques including key words and phrases; plus an important section on how to recover from a difficult call and get ready to give the next caller first-class service.

To learn more about the Guide to Handling Difficult Customers, you may read the sample section, Keep difficult customers in perspective. You’ll see how much useful, skill-building information is packed into this practical guide.

Part 2: Glancers

To help your reps keep the important techniques and key phrases from Guide to Handling Difficult Customers fresh in their minds, your package also includes 10 Glancers.

Just peel and stick these colorful Glancers to computer monitors or dividers and reps will have a handy reminder of the important lessons learned in the guide. Reps will “glance” up to be sure they have covered all of the important elements of the call and to refresh their memory with key words and phrases.

Part 3: Leader’s Guide

Your leader’s guide will show you how to conduct a training session on the material in the booklets. You’ll receive sample dialog, activities, and tips to engage everyone on your team.

To learn more, read the sample section.

Table of Contents

  1. Keep difficult customers in perspective

  2. Why do customers become angry or upset?

  3. Good reasons to get good at handling difficult customers

  4. Help the customer calm down

  5. Resolve the problem

  6. Stay calm yourself

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

Guide to Handling Difficult Customers is guaranteed. We want you and your reps to use this valuable resource and put its ideas to work in your department. Then, if you are not 100% satisfied, you may return your materials within 30 days for a full refund.

About the Publisher

The Customer Service Group provides ready-to-use tools for customer service training and frontline motivation including a monthly newsletter, training guides, DVDs, and Customer Service Week celebration materials.


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