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The perfect solution for the busy hospital, medical practice, and clinic. You may hand out the booklets for staff to read on their own or use the training tips in the Leader’s Guide for even more impact.

Choose the topics you’re interested in today then click the links for more information and samples.

Communicating with Patients: Improving Satisfaction and Outcomes
Your staff can improve their communication skills to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction and the best possible clinical outcomes.
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Cultural Competence: Developing and Using Cross-Cultural Communication Skills
Your staff, working with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, must be encouraged to embrace diversity, exercise cultural competence, and communicate effectively with each patient, doctor and coworker they encounter.
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Guide to Essential Phone Skills - Healthcare
Helps office and clinical staff develop the phone skills they need to communicate effectively in the healthcare setting.
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Guide to Handling Difficult Patients
Takes readers through nine steps to transform an angry, dissatisfied patient into a satisfied, loyal, long-term patient who knows your organization can be counted on.
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Guide to Stress Management
By following these 10 simple steps healthcare professionals will learn to maintain a healthy level of work-related stress. The result will be higher job satisfaction, healthier employees and happier patients. Order two or more by January 22nd to save 20% — $43.96 each pack..
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Listening for Meaning and Emotion
Whether your staff is working with a patient, their family members, physicians, or others, listening is the foundation of good customer service and the single most important service skill. Help your staff develop the expertise necessary to listen attentively, interpret information, question effectively, and take the necessary action.
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Making a Difference with Excellent Patient Service
Ensure each customer interaction is so positive that patient's will sing your praises to friends, family and coworkers.
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Yoga at Work: A Stress Reduction Guide
Reduce stress with timeless yoga techniques updated for the modern office.
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