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How to Hire the Best Service Professionals

How to Hire the Best Service Professionals

8-1/2" x 11", softcover,
106 pages, $49.95

Table of Contents

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In your contact center you’ve probably got a few highly motivated, energetic, and enthusiastic reps. They know your products and services and have the skills to make every customer feel valued.

Imagine what it would be like to have an entire department filled with reps like these. With a little help from How to Hire the Best Service Professionals, you can.

This hands-on manual provides everything you need to hire, train, and retain the best service professionals.

But this is not just theory. The bulk of the book is made up of actual hiring and training materials from companies with the highest standards and the lowest turnover rates.

You’ll find samples of job descriptions, ads, interview questions, and new hire checklists. You can use them as is or modify them to meet your needs. Just look at this detailed table of contents.

Table of Contents

  1. Identifying traits of a great service professional and developing a detailed job description
    • What traits should you be seeking in a customer service rep?
    • Develop a detailed job description
    • Tap the knowledge of top performers
    • Sample job descriptions
  2. Attracting top recruits
    • Turn your staff into a recruiting machine
    • Use part-timers to augment staff
    • Don’t overlook the drawing power of a good classified ad
    • Promote the benefits of your job
    • Sample internal job postings, Internet advertisements, and classified ads
  3. Create the perfect interview
    • Conduct an initial screening over the phone
    • Ask the right questions during the in-person interview
    • Determine how well the candidate can handle stress
    • Bring in the finalists for testing and a trial run
    • Sample scripts, tests and checklists for conducting telephone, and in-person interviews
  4. Retain new hires with training and development plans
    • Set career expectations from the start
    • Develop a career path by defining various levels of expertise
    • Use an internal certification program to link performance to customer metrics
    • Sample new hire checklists, performance standards, training guides, and progress assessments

Your Guarantee of Satisfaction

How to Hire the Best Service Professionals is guaranteed. We want you to use this valuable resource and put its ideas to work in your department. Then, if you are not 100% satisfied, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund.

About the Publisher

The Customer Service Group provides ready-to-use tools for customer service training and frontline motivation including a monthly newsletter, training guides, DVDs, and Customer Service Week celebration materials.


Temporarily Sold Out


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