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How to Hire the Best Service Professionals

How to Hire the Best Service Professionals

This hands-on manual provides everything you need to hire, train, and retain the best service professionals.

But this is not just theory. The bulk of the book is made up of actual hiring and training materials from companies with the highest standards and the lowest turnover rates.

You’ll find samples of job descriptions, ads, interview questions, and new hire checklists. You can use them as is or modify them to meet your needs.

To learn more about How to Hire the Best Service Professionals just read the introduction below.


Watching new customer service reps arrive, learn the ropes, burn out, and leave, you may feel as if your service department is a revolving door. High turnover is common in the stressful customer service environment. Many industry estimates put annual service rep turnover at close to 30 percent, and rates of 100 percent and higher aren’t unusual. But turnover is expensive, and the cost of recruiting, hiring, and training replacements is only the beginning. High turnover also means that the typical rep is inexperienced, and service quality and productivity suffer.

The best way to fight high turnover and improve service performance is to focus on finding, hiring, and retaining the best service reps. But how do you do that?

This book focuses on the essential tools you can use to formalize that process. The methods outlined aren’t just theory. They’re practical approaches that are being used successfully by your peers. We’ve collected numerous samples of job descriptions, job advertisements, hiring forms, interview questions and checklists, tests, and training documents actually used by customer service departments in various industries throughout North America. In addition, each chapter includes multiple case studies to show you how companies are putting these strategies into practice.

The chapters take you step by step through the process of finding, hiring, and retaining top-quality service reps. The first chapter identifies the traits of a great service professional and explains how a well-written job description will help you target your help wanted ads to attract the best reps. The sample documents offer several examples of job descriptions.

The second chapter shows you how to write a good help wanted ad and offers alternative sources of quality recruits. Sample documents include internal job postings, Internet listings, and traditional newspaper classifieds.

Once you’ve attracted the candidates, you have to select those who are a good fit for your organization. The third chapter provides practical advice on creating the perfect interview, from the initial screening process through the in-person interview and skills tests. Sample documents include interview questions and checklists, post-interview reports, skills tests, and a role-playing exercise.

Finally, in chapter four, you’ll learn how setting expectations from the start and providing a career development path will significantly reduce turnover. Among the many sample documents are new hire checklists, training guides, and progress assessments.

Not all of the strategies or sample documents in these pages will be a perfect fit for your service department. In fact, because these are real-world documents, none are perfect. But they do provide a starting point that you can customize to suit your own needs. These strategies will allow you to find, hire, and retain the perfect customer service reps for your company.


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