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Making a Difference Through
Customer Service

Making a Difference Through Customer Service shows reps the importance of customer service, it describes the basic expectations that all customers have, and it discusses the steps every rep can take to better serve their customers and their company.

Read the sample below to see how much useful information is packed into a brief section of this guide.

The big picture: Customer service matters

For decades customer service was considered little more than a clerical function. Then something interesting happened. Slowly but surely, organizations began to realize that there was actually a lot going on in the service department, and that with a little time and attention, the department could make a huge contribution to the organization.

Modern customer service was born. And what was a long-ignored department became the eyes and ears of the company, listening to customers’ needs and concerns and spreading them throughout the organization. That department that no one really understood began working with at-risk customers to retain them, and with lost customers to win them back. The mysterious department began moving from a service function to a service-oriented selling function and became a profit center for the organization.

But through all of these changes, one important thing remained clear. Every activity of the service department was directed toward one over-arching goal: serving the customer — understanding the customers’ needs, concerns and expectations, and ensuring that they are met in a timely, professional and business-building manner.

Sounds like an awfully tall order, but with the help of this booklet, you’ll discover exactly how customer service helps every organization succeed. How you as a service professional can make a difference in your service department and in your company. And how you can meet or exceed your customers’ expectations at every turn.


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