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Making a Difference Through
Customer Service

Making a Difference Through Customer Service

To help you get the most from your training materials, you’ll receive a copy of the Leader’s Guide. It will show you how to introduce the materials to your staff in a positive and motivating way. How to reinforce important points in the booklet. Plus techniques to keep the message fresh long after the booklets have been distributed.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a professional trainer to use the program because the Leader’s Guide includes discussion topics, activities, trainer’s tips, and more.

Read the sample below to see how much useful information is packed into a brief section of this guide.

Supporting your organization’s service mission

This final section of the booklet presents seven ways that frontline service staff can make a difference in their organizations: Improving products and processes, turning complaints into opportunities, being a positive force, maintaining energy and enthusiasm, sharing knowledge, working with internal customers, and upselling and cross-selling. The following three questions will help you focus attention on how these behaviors can help your own organization.

List these behaviors on a whiteboard and provide a brief review. Then, consider these questions with the team:

  • Do all of these behaviors apply to our organization? (Look specifically for behaviors that frontline reps feel do not apply. For example, if a rep says, “We really don’t need to share our knowledge.” That’s a warning sign of a problem and a prompt to discuss how you can better share information.)
  • Are there other specific behaviors that support our service mission? If the team agrees on additional behaviors, add them to the whiteboard and encourage reps to write them at the bottom of page 11 in the booklet.
  • Which behavior is the most important to meeting our service mission? (It’s going to be difficult to choose just one, but a lively conversation will get everyone thinking about this important topic.)


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