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Customer Service Buzz Words to Watch for in 2010

A panel of customer service experts provides a list of buzz words to watch for in 2010. Each phrase suggests an important trend from customer self-service to engagement to how we listen to the voice of the customer.

(Boonton, NJ, Jan 14, 2010) — What can customer service managers expect to hear about and be dealing with in 2010?

The January issue of Customer Service Newsletter features a list of important buzz words that you should be on the lookout for. Here are three important items from that list:

Customer Self-Service
"It will be important to devise ways to cut costs by having customers help themselves or minimize the amount of 'live' service they need wherever possible. But not all tasks are appropriate for this strategy. Getting continual feedback about how your customers are feeling about this type of service is critical."
— Peggy Morrow, customer service and loyalty consultant

Voice of the Customer
"It's important to recognize that the voice of the customer does not just come from surveys, but comes from routine customer contacts and unstructured data - and companies can begin to get at this through text mining."
— John Goodman, vice chairman of TARP Worldwide

"We need to make sure that employees are totally focused and engaged and involved with the company and its customer service mission. One way to start is to create a vision or mission statement that is pared down to one sentence that employees can wrap their heads around, understand, memorize, and deliver."
— Shep Hyken, consultant and author

For the full list of customer service buzzwords and lots more insights on the year ahead, visit the Customer Service Group website and read the Customer Service Management Annual Trends Report at http://www.customerservicegroup.com/csntrends.php.


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