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Ask the Extra Question

Sometimes people say one thing and mean something else.

(Boonton, NJ, January 14, 2016) — Asking questions is one of the most powerful tools service providers have for helping customers.

So consultant Shep Hyken recommends "Asking the extra question" to ensure complete understanding of the customer’s needs.

As he explains in the January issue of The Customer Communicator newsletter, "asking the extra question is a powerful way to understand customer expectations, gain clarity, and avoid potential misunderstandings."

For example, If a customer calls with a request for information on his account and says he needs it "quickly," if you simply say, "OK," and go to work on it, you really have no idea whether or not you are going to meet that customer’s expectations in getting the information back to him.

If instead of saying, "OK," you answer with a question like "How quickly do you need it?" you are going to have a better sense of those expectations. And you can work with the customer to modify his expectations if necessary.


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