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Bring Your Most Positive Self to Work

Keep these two simple rules in mind to stamp out negativity.

(Boonton, NJ, February 25, 2016) —Negativity in the workplace can bring everyone down, but there are some simple steps that everyone on the customer service team can take to rise above it.

In the February issue of Customer Communicator newsletter, Editor Bill Keenan spoke to psychologist Paul White about practical ideas for maintaining a positive work environment. Essentially says White, author of Rising Above a Toxic Workplace, each individual can make a difference by adhearing to one Never and one Always.

NEVER become part of the problem. "It’s not that you should never make a negative comment, but you shouldn’t play a part in ramping up the negativity. Just don’t get caught up in the drama. Sometimes you just have to excuse yourself and walk away, so that you are not adding to the negative energy," he says.

ALWAYS share the positive. The second thing that individuals can do is to always have some positive comments to add to the conversation, even if it is not directly related to the business at hand, and is more of a distraction. "If you can bring out a positive comment about the weekend, the weather, the local football team, or whatever — it helps to keep things more under control," says White.


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