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The Key to Customer Service Hiring is Challenging the Candidate

Hiring expert advises customer service managers to "scare" applicants for frontline service positions.

(Boonton, NJ, March 8, 2012) — Customer service managers are often dealing with higher-than-average turnover and the need to fill seats. But even with high turnover, it's a mistake to take anyone who comes along. To find the right people for the job, managers really need to look beyond the masks that many job candidates wear — and they need to be a little more honest about what working in customer service entails.

Managers should apply what author and consultant Patrick V. Valtin calls the "law of transparency" when they hire customer service reps. This involves "not just giving them the good side of the job, but also giving them a look at the more difficult side by focusing during the interview process on some of the challenges of the job."

Of course, you need to sell the company says Valtin in the March issue of Customer Service Newsletter "Good candidates are not just looking for a job, they are also looking for a bright future, career development, and the opportunity to meet and overcome challenges."

But he warns, "My experience and my theory after doing some 22,000 applicant evaluations is that it pays to scare them."

"The fact that someone is attracted by challenges tells you so much about their personality, character, and attitude. So I would say, yes, go out of your way to scare them — the good ones will accept the challenge, and the weak ones will totally run away."

More hiring strategies from Patrick V. Valtin, author of "No-Fail Hiring" appear in the March issue of Customer Service Newsletter.


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