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Help Your Service Team "Lean In" to Customer Criticism

Dealing with criticism is a big part of the job in customer service, and reps must often respond to criticism from customers, managers and coworkers

This month’s issue of Customer Communicator offers advice from Richard S. Gallagher, author of What to Say to a Porcupine, on how to deal with criticism. The trick, Gallagher says, is to "lean in" to criticism by acknowledging it and even agreeing with it.

"It is a disarming technique aimed at finding out whatever you can most agree with about what the other person is saying — and then trying to acknowledge that, or agree with it with gusto," he says.

If you tell a customer that he or she is wrong, Gallagher says, "you are throwing a switch that is going to turn on the instinctive ‘friend vs. foe’ reflex. But if, instead, you ‘lean in’ and say to the customer, ‘I understand. If this happened to me, I would be furious too’ — then you have put yourself emotionally at eye-level with the customer, and you have absolved them of the burden of having to explain their position to you. In fact, you should try to frame their position as that of a totally reasonable person — even if you disagree with them, and even if you can’t give them what they want."


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