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Tools for service via social media channels and speech analytics for training and customer feedback are important technologies to watch.

(Boonton, NJ, March 22, 2013) — The list of technologies that could offer customer service and call centers significant benefits is daunting. So daunting, in fact, that service managers might be tempted to throw up their hands.

In the March issue of Customer Service Newsletter, Ron Strandin, breaks down the technology trends for both the tech-savvy and the newbie.

The CEO of Envision, Strandin recommends that service managers focus on social media channels, training to support those channels, and a greater use of speech and text analytics to identify training needs and to uncover a more accurate "voice of the customer."

More companies will be making use of speech and data analytics to identify training gaps that can be filled with real-time in your-seat coaching, says Strandin.

"Listening to a lot of calls all day and manually filling out quality forms is something that people would love to automate. Speech analytics, as well as some types of back-office automation, can help you to narrow down the types of calls that you need to either analyze or listen to ‐ getting you to those training and coaching needs much faster."

Speech analytics can also help ensure that customer service reps are up to speed in compliance areas. "If you have people with specific compliance speeches that they have to give, whether for contract terms or credit terms or things like that, speech analytics is a great tool for ensuring that they are doing those things accurately, and what percentage of time they do them accurately," Strandin says.

Speech analytics can also help in capturing that great call — the one in which the rep hits all of the right notes and turns a potentially dissatisfied customer into a fan. "And catching that great call and sharing it with the rest of your service group is probably a better training method than catching someone doing something wrong and then just talking to them about it," says Strandin.

Details on social media channels and training more "adaptable" agents, appears in the March issue of Customer Service Newsletter.


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