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Breaking Bad Service Habits

Identifying negative habits is the key to correcting them.

(Mountain Lakes, NJ, March 24, 2016) — We all have a bad habit or two that we’d like to break. But there are also those negative habits that people can fall into over the course of a career in service and never be aware of.

"You can’t correct what you don’t see," says Bill Keenan, editor of Customer Communicator newsletter. So he asked customer service professionals to identify the most common bad habits and negative behaviros that they see among coworkers in the service center.

The answers were varied but four bad habits consistently topped the lists.

  • Failing to show concern for the customer. "If you can’t empathize or show any type of concern, it may come off as not caring about that person," explains Ray Picket.
  • Breaking promises. "When a customer can’t trust your word," says Jo Sprowl, "then they tend to not trust anything about you or your company."
  • Taking things personally. "Keep in mind that if you get upset, you are giving your customer the power to control your feelings," explains Rachel Dillon.
  • Failing to stay positive. "Researchers have found that it takes five positive people to combat the energy of one negative person," says Megann Wither, "so I would encourage everyone, instead of focusing on avoiding negativity, challenge yourself to embrace the positive."


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