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Mastering Old School Basics

The rules of rapport building and personalization still apply.

(Mountain Lakes, NJ, May 5, 2017) — Customer service is more and more dependent on digital and technical resources, but customer service reps need to understand that — when they do have an opportunity to interact directly with a customer — the old-fashioned rules of rapport and personalization still apply.

J.N. Whiddon, author of The Old School Advantage: Timeless Tools for Every Generation, suggests that too often the new technology serves as a way to avoid more intimate connections with customers — and that’s a mistake.

In the May issue of Customer Communicator newsletter, Whiddon offers readers seven techniques for injecting old-fashioned courtesy and personal attention into relationships with customers.

One essential technique, he says, is avoiding the "us vs. them" mind-set. Reps need to avoid thinking in terms of "we are the provider and you are the customer" and move more toward what Whiddon calls a "we" relationship. "In other words," he says, "move toward a relationship where there is a sense of equilibrium — with both parties enjoying the relationship and valuing the relationship."

He adds: "A customer might not be able to tell if your product is better than a competitor’s product, but a customer can tell if they have a better relationship with you than with a competitor. So put that relationship at the center of your thinking."


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