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Lead the Service Team with Humor

Lead the Service Team with Humor

(Mountain Lakes, NJ, June 16, 2017) — Humor can help lighten the load in the typically stressful customer service environment. Author and humor expert Michael Kerr explains why:

"Having a sense of humor," says Kerr, "can help you to physically cope with stress. When we laugh, our blood pressure drops; we increase the amount of oxygen going into our brains, lungs, and blood system; and we reduce stress-inducing chemicals and hormones in our bodies."

When you’re stressed, your brain power diminishes, says Kerr. "You can’t think clearly or access your memory as well. You need to take a break if you want to be able to handle a problem."

Humor gives you that mental break. It can help you to clear your head by giving it what Kerr calls a "mental floss." Humor "cleans out the anxieties and debris that accumulate in your brain when you’re stressed so you can tackle problems ahead with a clear head," he says.


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