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Anyone Can Be a Customer Service Hero

From master communicator, to salesperson, to detective, it takes a lot to be a service hero, but the reward is well worth the effort.

(Boonton, NJ, July 24, 2015) — You don’t need a cape, or superpowers, to be a hero to your customers. In fact, anyone can be a customer hero says Adam Toporek, author of Be Your Customer’s Hero.

For Toporek, being a customer hero depends on three things, which are within the grasp of every frontline service professional. The first is meeting — and whenever possible, exceeding — customer expectations. The second is creating a frictionless and hassle-free customer experience. And the third is doing both of the above consistently.

"Basically it comes down to creating a culture of customer centricity by putting the customer first — being there when the customer needs you, and making your personal interaction with the customer as memorable as possible," he says.

In the July issue of The Customer Communicator newsletter, Toporek outlines six steps that frontline reps can use to move from mild-mannered customer service rep to service hero.


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