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To boost energy, get up from your desk for “microbursts” of activity

Service managers should encourage frontline staff to add microbursts to their work routines.

(Boonton, NJ, August 21, 2014) — After a long day working with customers, it can be difficult for frontline staff to maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm. New research suggests that a five-minute walk can help.

If you spend most of your work day sitting at a desk, it’s likely that your energy levels peak at 8 a.m. and gradually decline throughout the day, says Janet Nikolovski, a scientist at Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute.

Breaking out of that slump requires nothing more than a few minutes of activity, Nikolovski says.

To prove the point, she asked office workers in the throes of afternoon doldrums to walk the stairs in their building for a few minutes. People who participated in the study rated their energy level on a scale of 1 to 10. Before they got up and moved around, their average energy level was 3. Immediately after the burst of activity, their energy spiked to 9. An hour later, the average energy level was still at 6.

The lesson is clear, schedule short bursts of activity throughout the day. Even if your frontline staff can’t get up to climb stairs, standing and stretching can have a similar positive benefit.

Additional tips for managers and their frontline staff on staying energized throughout the day appear in the August issue of The Customer Communicator newsletter.


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