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Avoid These Bad Service Habits

At one time or another, all customer service reps risk falling prey to these bad habits — fortunately, they can be broken.

(Boonton, NJ, October 15, 2015) — There are three bad habits that consultant Jeff Toister sees again and again in customer service centers.

"They are all interrelated, and they are a real challenge to customer service reps," he says, "not only because they hurt service levels, but because they are partially driven by instinctive behaviors — and that means they are a lot more difficult to spot and control on the individual level."

The first of the three bad habits that Toister identifies is multitasking — where the rep is trying to do too many things at once, and isn’t paying enough attention to the customer.

The second is falling victim to emotional "triggers" — or letting the "fight or flight" and other reflexive responses get in the way of the issue at hand.

And the third is the "me focus" — where, he says, our natural inclination is to see things from our own perspective, and not the customer’s.

Most, if not all, reps are going to deal with one or more of these problems at some point. And Toister offers reps a number of strategies for dealing with each in the October issue of The Customer Communicator, the training and motivation publication for frontline service professionals.

With all of the habits that Toister discusses, "our ability to recognize them and to do something about it gets eroded throughout the day," he says. "The more mentally fatigued we get the harder it is to deal with difficult situations."

But research suggests that taking regular breaks throughout the day — to unplug completely and to relax, even briefly — will help reps to stay more attuned.


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