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RV Tour Helps Company Connect With Customers

Creative service initiative brings the voice of the customer to management and frontline staff through personal conversations and a series of training videos.

(Boonton, NJ, October 25, 2013) — Software firm Sage North America has always been considered customer-focused. But in January, the company took that focus to a whole new level with its “Sage Listens” program.

The company rented an RV, filled it with company executives and drove across the country visiting and listening to customers.

Brad Smith, Sage’s EVP of customer experience, shares details of the RV tour in the October issue of Customer Service Newsletter. Not only did the executives learn a lot about their customers but they are sharing that knowledge throughout the organization in a number of ways, including frontline training.

Smith plans to create a video course for Sage employees. “I want our employees to be able to sit down for a 30-minute session and understand what it is like to be in a service industry vertical as a 10-person small business, or what it is like to be in a manufacturing vertical for a 400-person business. It’s a way to develop empathy. And I plan to distribute the video to all of my 700 North American customer support workers, as well as to make this required viewing for all of our new hires.”

The Sage RV tour is featured in the October issue of Customer Service Newsletter.


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