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Is Your Service Team Wowing Customers?

Delivering outstanding service is as much the job of management as it is of the frontline rep. Make sure you’re doing what you can to help.

(Mountain Lakes, NJ, November 22, 2016) —Providing an outstanding service experience starts with three letters P-O-S, says T. Scott Gross, author of Positively Outrageous Service.

To provide that level of service, frontline reps have to be ready to do something that is random and unexpected, something bigger than life, something that is playful and personal to the customer. It might be providing extra service, or extra value, or even extra attention.

"The aim is to do something that makes the customer say ‘Wow.’ It’s something that creates customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth about your organization," Gross says.

But before reps can deliver POS, they need to know their limits and management’s expectations. "Oftentimes, when an employee is faced with an opportunity to step out of the box and ‘wow’ the customer, he or she is not thinking about the customer — instead, they are wondering, ‘If I do this, am I going to get clobbered by my boss?’"

By modeling that positive, playful out-of-the-box behavior, Gross says that managers can eliminate the fear and empower reps to wow customers.


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