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Try a "Relaxation Response" in the Service Center

An unavoidable aspect of working in customer service is the stress that goes along with the job. Author Genella Macintyre offers solutions.

(Mountain Lakes, NJ, December 8, 2016) — There’s a lot of stress that goes along with the job for anyone working in customer service. And it can take a toll on customer service reps’ composure and productivity, says Genella Macintyre, author of Five Steps to Reducing Stress.

Fortunately, as she tells readers of Customer Communicator this month, there’s much that reps can do to manage stress, and there is much that managers can do to support these efforts.

One approach that Macintyre recommends is using a "relaxation response" in difficult situations. This involves injecting some physical activity into the situation.

For example, one of the things Macintyre advises doing when confronted with an angry customer is simply standing up. "Because then you physically have to move. You are still listening, but once you have to direct your mind, even for a fraction of a second, to something physical, that serves as a distraction. And that will break the connection enough to keep you from becoming completely caught up with that angry person," she says.

Having a squeeze toy or something like that on your desk can also help as a way to provide that distraction, Macintyre says.

Creating an environment where reps are encouraged to move when needed is important. But equally important says Macintrye, "Managers should let employees know that they understand what is happening, they know it is difficult, and they appreciate the effort that reps put into their work."


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