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Starting and Ending Calls

The first 10 seconds are critical to setting the tone, the last 10 are essential to leaving a positive impression.

(Mountain Lakes, NJ, December 14, 2017) — In the December issue of Customer Communicator, Nancy Friedman reminds readers about the importance of the first and the last 10 seconds of a customer call.

Friedman, a customer service consultant known as The Telephone Doctor, notes that reps should start each conversation with a positive, and end each conversation with a positive. Especially when dealing with an angry or difficult customer.

When you do that she says, "all that negative stuff in the middle goes away. And in most cases, the customer will hang up and say, "‘That rep was so nice. I can’t believe it. I was so mad at the beginning.’"

Friedman also reminds reps to apply that same positive closing to themselves. And that means learning not to take the customer’s anger or attitude personally. Beware of "emotional leakage," she cautions readers. This is basically where you "get mad at Peter and take it out on Paul — which is what most customers do when they reach a customer service rep. They get mad at the rep."

The best reps understand how to handle this emotional leakage, and say to themselves, "I didn’t cause this, so I am going to stay in a good mood."


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