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Recognize and Reward Customer Service Reps on a Budget

Three Customer Service Managers share their techniques for high-impact, low-cost rewards.

(Boonton, NJ, December 27, 2012) — In the December issue of Customer Service Newsletter, the publication's panel of service managers replied to a reader question about how to recognize and reward reps when budgets are tight. Some of the best ideas include dessert, casual dress, and joining a "high potential team."

Jennifer Kees, of Navy Federal Credit Union, says, "My team works hard each month to attain the highest score in a certain Key Performance Indicator (or KPI), so that they get to pick a dessert that I have volunteered to make from scratch for them.

"Our management group has a similar contest in which employees compete for time off from work. This idea works well because the employees get what they want, it's low-cost, and it doesn't negatively affect the service we provide.

"Both of these contests were a result of brainstorming sessions, so I suggest getting together and finding something that will work well for your team.

"Finally, always remember that a heartfelt, look-you-in-the-eye, 'thank you' means a lot," says Kees.

No-cost options at Wyoming Public Service Commission include: flexibility with schedules to allow for work-life balance; including employees in the decision making process; providing opportunities to learn new skills; allowing top performers to dress casually on Fridays or paydays; and creating an employee recognition program.

"Whatever methods you use, be sure they are timely and specific. If an employee does a good job on a project, don't wait six months to reward or recognize him. And try rewarding for effort as well as success," says Amanda Roberts.

And finally, Seth Hall of Philadelphia Insurance Companies offers these three ideas:

  • Highlight results from your key employees on message boards, on your company's intranet page, at your Town Hall meetings, or in any other ways that make them visible to other employees.
  • Invite reps to senior-level meetings so they can see how their work/responsibility impacts the rest of the organization.
  • Create a High Potential Team. Make sure top employees know they are on the team and try to provide additional opportunities to these individuals when applicable.

The panel answers reader's questions every other month in Customer Service Newsletter.


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