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Sounding Great on the Phone

Sounding Great on the Phone

Sounding Great on the Phone gives your team the tools they need to identify and overcome common speech problems, and to protect and care for their voices.

Read the sample below to see how much useful information is packed into a brief section of this guide.

Introduction: The voice is a vital business tool

The quality of a service professionals voice can set the tone for an entire conversation. Your voice quite literally speaks volumes about who you are. It can make others view you as decisive, confident, trustworthy, assured, and likable. Or on the other hand, a problem voice can make you seem insecure, weak, uncaring, and even dishonest.

The importance of voice quality becomes strikingly clear when you consider the components of effective communication. Experts agree that body language accounts for more than half (around 55 percent) of communication; vocal tone is about 38 percent; and words, only about seven percent. So when you are communicating over the phone, you need to convey that you are decisive, confident, trustworthy, assured, and likable all without the aid of body language.

That’s a tall order, but in the following pages, you’ll learn how to improve voice quality by overcoming the most common speech problems and keeping your voice in peak condition.


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